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 General Info about the cup!

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General Info about the cup! Empty
PostSubject: General Info about the cup!   General Info about the cup! Icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2008 11:11 am

General DGC Game rules part.

1. In the cupwars

.´ 1.1.1 Everyone has to record, no matter what.

.´ 1.1.2 If someone fails to record, his clan will lose the war 0-20 (forfeit loss).

.´ 1.1.3 The records MUST be sent to an admin/supervisor at the same day/next day when the war is played OR kept safe until the end of the cup.

.´ 1.1.4 Fairplay Anti-Cheat System is needed by EVERY player, in EVERY war, if you cant get it working, then you cant play, simple as that. You can download it at

.´ 1.2.1 The cupwars must be played 2on2 by default ( ARC ).

.´ 1.3.1 Every cupwar must be played 2 x 10 rounds (2 "sets" of 10 rounds).

.´ 1.3.2 After the first set is over, if needed there can and will be a 5 minute break when people can go to the toilet, drink something, spank their cats with a spatula or whatever you crazy people like to do. If nobody needs the pause (the admin can need it as well), the second set will continue right away.

.´ 1.4.1 No accusations or flaming are tolerated (cheater, noob etc.) in games towards admins, clanmates or opponents. If you think that someone is playing suspicious and want his demo checked, tell the admin when the war is over, not in the middle of the match.

.´ 1.4.2 We don't tolerate any offences to players in the match no matter who it is

.´ 1.5 If a player has knockback, he should inform it to the admin and after pause being put on, do a /vid_restart. If that player does a reconnect instead, the admin must kick him out of the match and it will then continue with the other clan having a player short.

.´ 1.6 If a player lags out because of sof crashing/pc crashing/internet breaking up, he may come back to the war. If this happens multiple times in a war the player might be punished somehow.

.´ 1.7.1 Clans are not allowed to change players in the middle of sets, they may only do so in the break between sets.

.´ 1.7.2 If a clan still tries to substitute a player in the middle of a set, that clan will have to continue with one player short and both players included in the substitution or the clan might be punished for an addition.

.´ 1.8.1 Too high pings aren't allowed in the cupwars, a STABLE ping between 0-200 would be the best. Pings over 250 won't be tolerated.

.´ 1.8.2 Excessive warping/other types of lagging in a cupwar might result in the player being kicked out of the war.

.´ 1.9 If a player intentionally breaks a rule, he will be kicked off server and the clan with the less player has 5 minutes time to get a replacement, or they can keep going with a 4vs5.

2. Cupwar arrangements

.´ 2.1 On every tournament match has to be an admin online and he has to spectate the war all the time.

.´ 2.2 The matches are allowed to be played on all DGC approved servers. If all the servers are down for some reason, you may use any server IF anti-crash & anti-follow are enabled there and the server settings are correct. (Check "Server" -section in this website.)

.´ 2.3.1 The matches are played if it's a perfect time for both of clans, so it's up to you when you play, but there must be admin online who must spectate the war.

.´ 2.5 Should a clan die, that clan will lose all cupwars 0:20 (forfeit losses).

.´ 2.6 There will be no rematches unless the war is messed up because of an adminstrators fault (not showing up for example).

3. Just before the war

.´ 3.1 A kniferound will be played before the "actual" match starts, determining the starting sides on roof.

.´ 3.2 The cupwar has officially started when the kniferound starts.

4. Other things

.´ 4.1.1 Players HAVE to use their OWN nicks in cupwars. “Own” name is the name the player has been using most while playing SoF2 and is identified best by it.

.´ 4.1.2 Any player not willing to play with the name he is known for can be removed from any cupwar.

.´ 4.1.3 If someone plays under someone elses nick in a cupwar, he will be removed from the match and disallowed to play in the cup any further (=banned) if he is a member of a clan participating in the cup. That player/clan might be punished as a result as well.

.´ 4.2.1 Players participating in the cup can NOT play in more than one clan.

.´ 4.2.2 Any player caught from playing in more than one clan will be disallowed to play in the cup any further (=banned.)

.´ 4.3 No mods are allowed, only a clean install of SoF2 MP Test is valid for playing in DGC. This also includes extra maps and djminifix, as sv_pure 1 disallows everything non-default.

.´ 4.4 Cheating is not allowed in any form. A player caught from cheating will be kicked out of the cup and all the wars he's played in will be made forfeit losses.

Forms of cheating might be:

* Hash commands
* Any programs changing the way MP Test acts and for example giving you advantages in the form of seeing through walls/aiming for you. In other words all cheats, all cheat programs. (n7 hack, aimbot, etc…)
* Wallglitching
* Barrelglitch/camp
* /follow command OR following the enemy, even if followenemy is on by mistake!
+ anything else that can be considered as cheating

NOTE! Using shadows is allowed.

5. Rules about the rules

.´ 5.1 These rules may be changed at any time without further notice. Any major changes will be reported in the news.

Yellow/Red Cards - DBC Fouls

well like the title says it should someone break a rule he will get a warning by a Admin (thats the yellow card already) should he doesnt take this warning real he gets the red card which means he gets kicked outta the server and not allowed to play in the next DBC war.

General Info about the cup! Yellow%20cardwarning
General Info about the cup! Red%20cardkicked / banned for the next match

Known cheaters will be not allowed in the cup!

Copyright by DemoBaseCup rules, edited by Skyline or whatever.

General Info about the cup! Untitled1ds7
Was a smart sentence eh, now read that again (:
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General Info about the cup!
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